Why I Started Melby Wealth Management

This may be the most personal and vulnerable post I will ever type. As a financial advisor, I have an in-depth view on client’s personal lives. I know your greatest fears, your greatest weaknesses, what keeps you up at night, and I help you overcome those. I can’t expect a client to be vulnerable with me if I can’t be vulnerable with them. It’s a two way street…so I’ll go first.

I was in the office as I am during tax season.  It was around noon on a Saturday in mid-February 2018 when I got the phone call. Cancer.  Stage IV pancreatic cancer. My Dad. I was in complete shock.  My Dad sacrificed and worked hard his entire life.  He was on the verge of retiring and enjoying the fruits of his labor.  The saying is that life isn’t fair...but this was downright cruel. It’s been over a year since his diagnosis and he is fighting like hell to beat it. This cancer picked a fight with the wrong person.

It wasn’t a conscious choice at first, but the reality of my father’s diagnosis made me evaluate everything in my life.  I was looking at things in my life in a way I never really had before. Was I living the life I wanted?  What is my purpose? What did I want my legacy to be?

On paper everything was perfect.  First and foremost - I have the greatest wife in the world. When we first met, it was the closest thing to “love at first sight” as it gets. We have a great house in a nice quiet neighborhood in the city I wanted to live in since I was 15.  We have two dogs that can turn a terrible day into a beautiful one.  And I was starting the 9th year working at the only company I worked at after graduating college. To say it was my dream job is an understatement.  I was working with entertainers on their businesses and their personal finances.  I was a trusted advisor and confidant.  But something was missing.  I was not fulfilled in the way I once was.

After much contemplation, I came to the realization of what I was missing in my career and it was two-fold.  

The first - My passion lies in personal finances and I wanted to do more with it.  And not only that, I wanted to help people in my generation and Generation X.  There are many financial advisors who only cater towards Baby Boomers, and I am passionate in my belief that the ones who would benefit from financial planning the most are those who classify themselves as Millennials and Generation X.  This is because they are the ones whose impact of comprehensive financial planning will last the longest. That's not to say I won’t work with Baby Boomers because I can absolutely offer them value.  What I wanted was to create an option for younger generations that isn’t readily available elsewhere. I want people to begin thinking about what they want their legacy to be and how they can get there. Building wealth can help your family for generations to come. It doesn’t have to be where your children are trust fund kids with no work ethic. Depending on your situation, it can be anything from making sure there is a path for your children and grandchildren to receive a college education with no debt to making sure there is a fund established for them to start a business if they want to. These are monumental decisions that can change the trajectory of your family tree for generations.

And that led me to my second realization - there is an entrepreneurial spirit that runs in my family and it was now bursting at the seams…I wanted to start a company of my own.  I wanted to build something and serve clients how I think they should be served.  Clients that should be treated like they are clients and not just a number.  Make personal finances actually personal. The only way I could give unbiased advice and act as a fiduciary for clients is to be completely independent.  I wouldn’t be able to serve clients like this at a bank or wirehouse.

So what am I going to name this company?  The best way I can generate trust is by putting my name on it.  I was given this name by some really special people who did incredible things in business and I will do all I can to ensure this company is worthy of using that name. My Dad gave me my last name and I’m going to build Melby Wealth Management into something he is going to be proud of.  

Through all of this, I discovered my purpose - to help positively impact as many people as I can reach through personal finances. I want to help others figure out what their purpose is and what they want their lasting legacy to be.

If this speaks to you in some way, please let me know.  I would be happy to show you what this company is all about.

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About The Author

Shaun Melby, CFP® provides fee-only financial planning and investment management services in Nashville, TN. Melby Wealth Management serves clients as a fiduciary and never earns a commission of any kind. Shaun has over 10 years of experience as a financial advisor in Nashville.